The Eye for Art

Written by BGD on March 24th, 2015

Art is  one of the most important focal points in any commercial and residential space. When starting a project, the first area of interest that we address is what art is being used where in the space and if art is needed to be picked out and bought for the space. Once we determine these details then we choose how to design around the art. The reason being is that art similar to past times reflects interests, cultural pursuits and personalities. A space that feels complete and is designed well integrates art, furniture and personal items throughout.

On the topic of arranging or executing a gallery, we think of it like a collage by mixing colors, forms, sizes and patterns as well as mixing personal items displaying current interests as well as items collected in the past. Here are a few spaces that do just this!





EH & I 08-05-07 Huis A'dam Vondelstraat




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